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Masaya Cup

Masaya is the Tagalog word for happy, Masaya Cup - Happy Cup :)
Why Happy Cup? We are coffee lovers, we bring our coffee anywhere with us. But that comes with a price, huge amounts of garbage are produced because of disposable cups. You might think it is just a cup per day, but unfortunately, 8 billion people think that way. Masaya Cup lets you bring your favorite hot drink anywhere you go without a bad feeling about the environmental impact you are creating.

Start your day happy. Start your day with a Masaya Cup.

Our Reusable Coffee Cups


To make our cups last a long time we use only high-quality materials. The cup itself is made out of borosilicate glass, which is strong and lasts a long time. It doesn't matter if you refill it with hot or cold drinks, Masaya Cup will be your long term coffee cup.


The lid of our reusable glass cups is made out of high-grade silicone. It is very easy to wash after use and it lasts a long time. The silicone has no bad side tastes or smells unlike plastic.

Breath in and taste your coffee like never before.


We developed a mechanism that allows you to open and close the cup quickly. Once closed the cups are 100% leak-proof and good to go. To reopen, you just twist the top of the lid with one hand and enjoy your drink.


Disposable cups are a huge impact on our environment. That's what we want to change with our reusable cups. Therefor our cups and the packaging are 100% plastic-free and come without any unnecessary disposable items.

Our packaging might not look fancy at first sight, but once you consider our environment, you will see the beauty in it.


We know you guys love to sip your cold drinks through a straw. Therefor we found the right straw for you. The Masaya Cup comes without a straw, but if needed we offer a metal straw which has the perfect size and diameter for your favorite coffee cup.

Technical Details

The masaya cup has the regular barista size which is equivalent to a tall Starbucks coffee

Volume : 12oz / 350ml
Weight : 360g

Dimensions :
Base diameter : 2.6cm
Top diameter : 3.6cm
Heigth : 10.7cm

Where to buy happiness


Masaya Cup was created in the Philippines. So it was important for us to find a partner who has the same ambitions and dreams as us. We are happy that we found Eco Shop PH as our partner, who helps us offering our cups at affordable prices throughout the country. Our reusable cups suit perfect in the country's leading zero-waste and eco-friendly store.

Zero Waste Philippines
+63 956 058 3010


Based in Bangkok, Zero Waste Thailand is leading the way in providing reusable alternatives to plastic. Established 2 years ago, it's ultimate goal is to make Thailand Plastic Free. We are happy to be part of their products.

Zero Waste Thailand
+66 92 261 6616


Eco Shop Vietnam is a small zero-waste store in Hanoi. Vietnam has a great coffee culture and therefore we are very happy that Masaya Cup will be available in local coffee shops in Hanoi and other cities in the country.

Eco Shop Vietnam
+84 98 297 74 90

Contact Us

For any questions regarding our cup or if you want to distribute our cup in your country, please just message us!

Masaya Cup
+63 956 058 3010